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Social Work
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Social Work

at Caseyville Library

Caseyville Public Library District hosts social work students in a partnership with SIUE Department of Social Work. Our Library Social Worker can help community members seek resources and services and navigate webpages and online forms.

Pop in to Caseyville Library and meet our Student Social Worker! Get Connected to Community Resources, find counseling or rehabilitation services, get help with aid forms for housing utilities, food, and more!



Social Emotional Learning

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What is

Social Emotional Learning?

Social Emotional Learning is practice of becoming aware of & understanding the body's response to events & circumstances that heighten emotions.

By naming the feelings & triggers we can more affectively regulate our emotional & bodily responses to anger, stress, sadness, & anxiety.

Part of the social aspect is becoming aware of the different feelings & life situations of others to develop compassion & understanding.

How is this implemented at Caseyville Library?

Caseyville Library's new Social Emotional Learning section separates books into easily browsable topics including grief, wellness, separation & divorce, substance abuse, memory loss, & trauma. Separation & Divorce.

Kits including books and resources may also be checked out. These kits include Grief, Memory Loss, & Separation & Divorce.

Additional Social Emotional kits available are the Time-In Toolkit and the Peacemakers Kit that focus on emotional regulation tools such as grounding techniques, naming feelings, and finding appropriate expressions of conveying emotions. 

See more below!

This collection in our library is made possible through an Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) grant the library received for its partnership with Collinsville School District Unit 10 and is based on Midwest Positive Behavior Intervention Strategy (PBIS).

Read by Topic

Grief & Loss

Separation & Divorce

Memory Loss

Substance Abuse

Learning Kits

Yoga for Emotions

This large deck of cards guides kids through yoga practices and grounding techniques that match the emotions they are feeling. These cards give kids an emotional toolkit for self regulation. These exercises are great for kids 3+.

Yoga Game Cards

Yogi Yoga Cards for Joyful Learning includes illustrated yoga poses and descriptions, a guide to 4 different yoga games, and yoga poems. This kit is geared towards kids ages 3-12.

Mindful Kids Kit

This deck of mindfulness cards takes kids through animal poses so kids can connect themselves to the world around them through grounding techniques. For kids of all ages.

Empowering Cards 

Breathing Exercises

These empowering cards prompt kids to think about themselves through immersive exercises. Categories include: self esteem, self compassion, relaxation, affirmation, and mindfulness. These exercises are great for kids 3-14.

Breathing exercise cards illustrate different yoga breaths and how they can help with bodily regulation. Kids and teens can benefit from these cards as they learn the importance of breath on our states of mind. Ages 3+ recommended.

Meditation Cards 

Time-In Toolkit

Mindful Bedtime

These mindful bedtime cards provide guided meditations caregivers and children can do together. They start with gentle breathing and then they take kids on a peaceful journey to calm and tranquility before sleep. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Peacemakers Toolkit

Imagine Meditation Cards for Kids is a deck of oversized cards that feature a detailed and contemplative illustration on one side and a meditation story prompt on the other. They ask kids to immerse themselves into familiar and curious worlds that provide comfort, relaxation, and introspection. Recommended for anyone preschool-adult.


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Coming Soon

This expansive, bilingual emotional regulation toolkit contains emotion cards, body recognition tools, activities for calming, cards for communicating emotions, and two peacemaker games to facilitate learning through play. Recommended for early early childhood-elementary school age.

Memory Loss

Social Emotional Learning.png

Coming Soon

The Peacemakers Toolkit includes a peacemaker game, activities that ask the child what they can do with their emotions, feeling and calming strategy cards, and activities that promote listening to their body. Recommended for early early childhood-elementary school age.

Separation & Divorce

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Coming Soon

Click the button below to discover more kits and nontraditional library items in the Library of Things.


Community Resources

What are Community Resources?

Community Resources are local organizations and contacts that help better the lives of our community members. This may be through their offerings of assistance with housing, utilities, food, transportation, and clothing. They may also be trusted sources that can help find counseling services, rehabilitation programs for drug/alcohol abuse. Other areas include help with job searching, finding veteran's assistance, medical/dental services, and family services.

There are people you can talk to if you are experiencing domestic violence, mental health crisis, or other stressful life situations.  

Click the button below to discover Caseyville Library's Complete List of Community Resources.

"Findhelp was built in 2010 to offer an easier way to find social services
and to connect to them directly and electronically.
Findhelp has since built the largest network of free and reduced-cost programs in every ZIP Code across the United States — this includes federal, state, county, municipal, and local resources in the biggest cities and smallest towns."

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