• Resident Library Card

    • A resident library card is available to anyone living within the Caseyville Public Library District upon submitting proof of current address and with accompanying photo identification card. A resident card is good for three years and is renewable as long as you live in the limits of the Caseyville Public Library District.

    • You may present your valid driver's license (or valid state ID with photo) with your current address. If your valid driver's license (or valid state ID with photo) does not have your current address, we will require a second valid official item from the following list that shows current Caseyville address: recent utility bill, voters registration, passport, or other approved official documents stating current address.​

  • Non-Resident Library Card

    • A property owner card is available to an owner of property within the city limits of Caseyville. Non-resident property owners must submit a current tax bill for the city parcel which they own, along with a current photo identification card. A property owner card is issued for one year and is renewable with the submission of the current tax bill for the city property.

    • A non-resident card is a fee-based card which is figured on a percentage of property tax or rental fee paid for residential property. The current property tax bill must be submitted at the time of application. The card may be issued for 1 year or 6-month increments.



  • Free WiFi service is available at the Caseyville Public Library.

  • We offer Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Publisher, & Access.

  • Printer, scanner, copier, and fax are available.

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  • Copy

    • Copies are .10 cents per page for black and white copies, color copies are $1.00 per page.

  • Fax

    • $1.00 per page to send or receive a fax.


  • Bring a photo ID with you, and please do not sign the documents until you present your identification to the notary.

  • Cost is $1.00 for notary services.

  * Call the library to confirm that a public notary is on hand before your visit.*


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  • Lamination is available at $1.00 per page.


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  • Do you have a particular genre you love?

  • Do your kids have a special interest?

  • Is there a book you like, and you'd like to find similar stories? Request a book bundle!


What is a Book Bundle?

A book bundle is a hand-picked selection of books chosen by your Caseyville librarians.


Tell us your interests, your favorite books, or a hobby you'd like to learn about, and we will create a Book Bundle individual to you or your child!


These can be picked up in the library or curbside. Call 618-345-5848 to request your bundle today!


Tell us how we are doing by submitting a feedback form!​

When Are Items Delivered?

Deliveries occur on the first Thursday of

each month between 9:00am - 12:00pm. Items are delivered by a library staff member or a trained volunteer.

Program Features

- One Delivery Per Month

- 8-Week Checkout

- 10 Items Each Month

     - Books

     - Audiobooks

     - DVD's

     - CD's

- Waived Late Fines

Who is Eligible?

Residents of the Caseyville Public Library District that have an active library card, who are unable to visit the library either temporarily or permanently due to an illness or disability.

If you are uncertain, just ask!

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete the Homebound Registration Form and a library staff member will contact you to coordinate the first delivery.

CLICK HERE for the Homebound Registration Form. Forms are also available at the library.

Are There Any Fees?

This service is free of charge. Lost and damaged items will incur replacement fees. Patrons will become ineligible for the service if library materials are not returned and account has outstanding fines.

Unavailable Features

- Interlibrary Loan Service

- Placing Holds

- Renewals

Become a Homebound Volunteer

Homebound volunteers play a critical role in ensuring that materials are provided in a timely manner to community members who are unable to visit the library due to extended illness, health condition, or disability. Volunteers are matched up with a patron that is registered for the service. 

Time Commitment:

- Minimum of two hours a month for at least six months.


- Valid Driver's License

- Proof of Insurance

- Complete a Short Orientation

If you would like to become a Homebound Volunteer, please contact the Caseyville Library at (618) 345-5848.