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"Findhelp was built in 2010 to offer an easier way to find social services
and to connect to them directly and electronically.
Findhelp has since built the largest network of free and reduced-cost programs in every ZIP Code across the United States — this includes federal, state, county, municipal, and local resources in the biggest cities and smallest towns."

Housing Assistance

Call for Help (Madison & St. Clair): 618-397-0968

Catholic Charities of Madison County: 618-877-1184

Catholic Urban Programs (Madison & St. Clair):


Housing Authority:

Madison County: 618-345-5142

St. Clair County: 618-277-3290

Madison County Urban League: 618-463-1906

Rent & Utility Assistance:

Madison County: 618-692-8940

St. Clair County: 618-277-6790

Salvation Army: 618-235-7378

Housing Assistance, Food, Clothing, Supplies, Shelters


2-1-1 Community Resources Helpline

4-1-1 Local Directory Assistance

5-1-1 National Traffic & Road Closure

7-1-1 Telecommunications Relay Services

8-1-1 Call Before You Dig

9-1-1 Emergency

9-8-8 Suicide & Crisis

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