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Caseyville Library's Most Read 2022

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Discover Caseyville Public Library District's Most Read Books of 2022 and find your next book to check out, request from the library, or borrow from your favorite library eBook app!

Adult Fiction

This mystery thriller by Lisa Regan follows Detective Josie Quinn investigating a missing person's case involving a missing teen girl named Isabelle. As Josie races to find her, she finds another girl who nobody seems to be looking for, but who won't speak. Perhaps, the two are connected to the same disappearances, and perhaps there are other missing girls as well.

This fast-paced mystery thriller is about Chloe, a psychologist in Baton Rouge who is just getting ready to get married when her family past comes bubbling up to the surface. When she was only twelve years-old, her father was imprisoned for the serial killings of six teenage girls. Now, a similar pattern of murders seem to parallel the ones her father was charged with all those years ago. As terrifying memories from her childhood flood back, Chloe finds herself wrapped up in discovering the true face of the killer.

This slow-build romantic comedy features Ph.D. candidate, Olive Smith, who does not believe in romance. Taking place in a university lab, this story features a woman in STEM who strikes up a fake relationship with a young, but difficult professor. Keeping up the charade to convince her best friend not to worry anymore about her love life, Olive and the professor become entangled in a web of deception until perhaps they really could be falling for each other.

Antonia Adams, a young woman pursuing acting and film-making, must confront her turbulent and trying childhood scarred from neglect and contempt from her aristocrat father and super model mother. Growing up, Antonia would disappear into books and films, escaping her life for awhile. This turned her quiet and invisible so she could survive her early years. Now as an opportunity to work in cinema arrives, Antonia may have to leave that comforting invisibility she finds so familiar.

Before Molly Gray's gran died, her gran would translate social queues and rules for Molly and help Molly understand them in a structured way because without the memorization, Molly struggles to interpret the intentions of others. Now, Molly is an adult, and without her gran, she follows a rigid structure and order, making her a perfect fancy hotel maid. It also means many now see her as quirky so when she goes about her work day and discovers a dead body in one of the hotel rooms, authorities look to her as a prime suspect. To clear her name, Molly finds herself wrapped up in the investigation that could decide her future.

Adult Non-Fiction

This exercise guide has full color illustrations of 200 exercises and 50 workouts to do from home to improve muscular-skeletal strength.

Learn how trauma and stress can change the wiring in our brains, specifically in the areas of pleasure, engagement, control, and trust. These areas can be reactivated through mindfulness techniques.

Robin Wall Kimmerer, botanist and Citizen of the Potawatomi Nation, explores science in relation to her culture and reveals how strengthening our reciprocal relationship with plants can inspire gratitude and fulfillment. Kimmerer attributes plants and animals to be our oldest teacher and invites readers to learn from them as well.

Discover what executive function is and how you can improve your life with strategies that can aid memory, organization, and brain function. Understand how to better regulate your emotions, improve focus, and more easily complete tasks.

Find peace in the present through meditation and mindfulness and develop the ability to let go of habitual thoughts and emotions. This book explores the inner relationship we have with our thought patterns, how to more easily let go of negative thinking, and reframe the idea of ourselves as observers of our thoughts.

Young Adult

This is the second book to the series The Summer I Turned Pretty. Main character, Belly, used to love spending her summers at Cousins Beach, but now that her friends Conrad and Jeremiah have grown distant, she dreads it. Soon, Belly gets a call saying that Conrad has disappeared, Belly and Jeremiah must unite to find him. The book explores growing up, summer crushes, love, and loss.

In a near-future New York City, a service alerts people when they are going to die so that they can say their goodbyes and finish up anything they need to do before their end. Two teens receive the alert and look to the Last Friend app to find someone also facing their last day. Together they embark on an adventure to live a lifetime in a day. The book's main characters are LGBTQ+ and Latinx providing an excellent own-voices representation.

Every summer, Belly spends her time at Cousins Beach with her childhood friends Conrad and Jeremiah. This summer, however, Belly finds herself in a love triangle with the two brothers. When the teens find out about the boys' mother's illness, the story gets even more complicated. The Summer I turned Pretty is full of teenage drama contrasted by heavy and emotional experiences.

Familiarize yourself with LGBTQ+ terminology with this helpful guide that features infographics, pictures, and personal anecdotes. This book is wonderful for allies and LGBTQ+ community members alike. It features the perspectives of different folks across identities and spectrums and helps define and polish LGBTQ+ vocabularies.

Learning practices, techniques, and activities to increase mindfulness and emotional regulation can help with all aspects of a person's life. Find quizzes and self-assessments for a better understanding of your own brain and its triggers and what types of grounding techniques to try out to keep yourself in the present and decrease anxiety.

Large Print

Middle Grade Fiction

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Children's Picture Books

Graphic Novels

For more reading recommendations see our other blog posts in Recommendations & Features. To browse books, visit our Online Book Catalog or library eBook Applications.

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