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Coming-of-Age Graphic Novels That Take Place in Summertime

Take a dive into summer with these Graphic Novels! Summertime is a time of transition, especially in those years in between childhood and teenage years. These coming-of-age stories involve exploring identity, growing up, grief, change, friendship, and belonging. Graphic Novels are real books and their stories can be powerful and important.

LumberJanes created by N.D. Stevenson

Adventure into the deep woods where Lumberjane Scouts spend their summer at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqel Crumpets Camp for Hardcore Lady Types where Molly, Mal, Jo, April, and Ripley attend over the summer to be in the great outdoors, learn wilderness skills, and make friendship bracelets–or so they thought. They soon realize there is more to this camp than outdoor adventure. Magical creatures lurk through the woods, portals to other worlds, and Greek mythos come to life. Together they grow in knowledge, strength, and friendship and learn a lot about themselves along the way. This is a wonderful graphic novel series that has 22 volumes and is perfect for the outdoorsy or magically-interested person.

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Just before the summer between elementary school and junior high, Astrid and her best friend, Nicole, get to see a roller derby competition and Astrid loves it and decides it would be amazing for Nicole and her to go to Jr. Roller Derby Camp over the summer. Nicole, however, has other plans. Instead, Nicole wants to go to ballet camp with Rachel, a kid who bullies Astrid. Nicole’s decision stings and now Astrid must begin her summer without Nicole. As the new chapter of her life looms closer, Astrid can grow and explore her own interests and identity even if that means moving on from friendships that no longer work and making room for new friends who lift her up.