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Growing up Latinx: Coming of Age Stories by Latinx Authors

Latinx coming of age stories can help us connect to our own culture and feel represented and less alone or lend an understanding of the experiences of our neighbors. Either way, all the stories in this collection’s beautifully distinct tales create a patchwork of experiences that illustrate the myriad ways to grow up Latinx.

When a tragedy strikes Julia’s family that takes away her sister, Olga, the golden child, the spotlight is put on Julia, exposing what her parents think are her flaws and shortcomings. Follow Julia as she navigates her new family structure, expectations, and uncovers Olga’s private not-so-perfect life.

This book covers difficult topics like anxiety, depression, gender and cultural norms, sexual assault, and other tough themes.

After coming out as a lesbian to her mom, Juliet travels to Portland to intern with her favorite queer, feminist author. In Portland, Juliet encounters a scope of feminists, some of whom do not think in the intersectional ways that Juliet exists in as a young Puerto Rican lesbian woman. Juliet must learn how her identities intersect and how idols can sometimes be just that.

This series of vignettes shares snapshots of Esperanza’s young life in 1950’s Chicago as the only girl among her seven brothers

These moments soaked in rich sensory detail expose the freedoms of childhood and entrapment of poverty through Esperanza’s eyes.

Cool Salsa is a collection of poems about growing up Latinx in the US and the beauties and challenges that come with living in blending worlds. Poets in this collection include Sandra Cisneros, Martin Espada, Gary Soto, and Ed Vega.

After Yadriel comes out, his traditional Latinx family struggles to accept his gender. But Yadriel’s family also practices brujería or witchcraft, so when Yadriel feels the pull to prove himself as a real brujo, he summons the ghost of another boy named Julian who is in need of discovering what happened to him so he can pass on. As Yadriel spends more time with Julian, however, the less he wants him to leave.

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