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Holiday Horror

Did you know our yuletide celebrations often have a darker side to them? Think about A Christmas Carol. Ghosts, spirits, and creatures of the night have historically been associated with the season since it falls on the Winter Solstice or the longest night of the year. It is only fitting to read these spooky stories over your winter holiday.

The Shining

by Stephen King

Step into a haunted hotel left vacant for the winter where an evil presence lurks in halls and rooms, but only one person can see it. Jack Torrence takes the job as caretaker of the hotel over the winter when it is closed to visitors since the drive becomes impassable with snow. He hopes the quiet and solitude can help him work on a novel, but the longer they stay, the more delusional he becomes as the evil drives him mad. The only one who can tell what is happening is his five year-old, Danny.

Let the Right One In

by John Ajvide Lindqvist

In 1981 in Blackeberg, Sweden, the body of a teenager is found and thought to be part of a ritual killing. A new girl has also moved in next to 12 year-old, Oskar. He shows her a Rubik's cube, and although she has never seen one before, she solves it instantly. Oskar also notices she only comes out at night. In this sleepy suburban town, a darkness soon spreads.