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Magical Fantasy Stories by Black Authors

Read beyond the realms of reality and fall down the rabbit hole into the enchanting world of magic and fantasy. Expand your reading list and discover these fantasy stories by Black authors.

Zélie Adebola lives in a world that used to be lush with magic. Before the king sent out orders to kill the magi, some could control the tides, bend fire to their will, and others could summon the dead. Now Zélie has been tasked to bring back magic but a rogue princess is on the run needs her help just as Zélie will need hers. The only problem is her brother, the prince is in their pursuit, and he is ready to wipe out all magic whatever the cost. This story is full of magic, love, loss, betrayal, and hope. It also is part of the series, Legacy of Orïsha

Camellia Beauregard is a Belle in high society of the Orléans where Belles control beauty.. Beauty symbolizes wealth and status, and Camellia always dreamed of being the Belle of all Belles, serving the Queen and royal family of Orléans. When Camellia and her sisters arrive at the royal palace, she realizes the sinister nature of her growing powers and what coming to terms with them could mean changing the entire world of Orléans. This fast-paced dystopian fantasy, full of magic and mystery explores themes of beauty standards, class warfare, and the commodification of beauty. This book is part of a series of the same name.

Sunny is originally from New York, but is living in Nigeria. Sunny just wants to play football, but because she has albinism so she has to be extra careful to protect her skin. On top of that, kids at school bully her because of her different features. Soon, Sunny befriends two magical kids, Orlu and Chichi, and becomes involved with magic users whose worst defects become their greatest powers. Taking on this power, however, gives Sunny a great responsibility, and she and her new friends must take on a dark power kidnapping and maiming area children.

Echo Brown lives on the East Side of Cleveland where poverty and drug addiction can be found across many families, but Echo still finds magic everywhere. After all, she and her mother are wizards. Black Girl Unlimited follows Echo from six years old and into high school as she grows up in a harsh environment then moves between worlds when offered a scholarship to a rich white school on the West side of the city. This powerful story full of detailed imagery is part autobiography but infused with magical realism, and is sure to transport you to Echo’s world.

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