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Safe & Happy Holiday Season

December is a month full of friends, family, and celebrations for so many people. Often, celebrating involves family and friends, fun, food, and maybe alcohol. December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and this stands as a good reminder of how vital it is not to drink and drive. The simple choice of deciding to drive home after a party is not simple at all. Intoxicated driving can result in serious injuries or death of oneself, passengers, or other drivers. Choosing to drive after drinking is a decision that can affect so many people. December is a time many take as an opportunity to give back to the community and those in need. Donating to organizations in need, signing petitions for unjust issues, attending a protest, posting on social media, or just speaking up in everyday life are all ways to make a difference. Giving back can also apply to more than just humans. Animals are a huge part of so many people’s lives, and the benefits and unconditional love they give humans are unmatched. Giving donations to a shelter will help animals live better lives and those who choose to add them to their family.

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, previously known as National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. This event looks to educate on the consequences of impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol, especially with Christmas and the new year approaching as these are prevalent drinking times. Driving under any influence can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly. Choosing to drive when intoxicated does not only affect the driver. It can affect others on the road, passengers, and friends, and families of all involved. One choice can mean the difference between life and death. In 2018, there were 10,511 traffic fatalities due to driving under the influence. That equates to about one death every 50 minutes.

While taxis have existed for quite some time, more safe ride businesses have sprung up within the last few years, making it even easier to find a safe ride home. Most people have smartphones with the capability to book a ride through the business’s app. People can book a ride whenever they need to, and it generally does not take long to be picked up. Drunk driving has declined to 29% when it was previously at 41% in 1985. It is always wise for a person to have a plan before going out to drink. If it is at a friend’s house, maybe stay there and if it is at a bar, designate a sober driver or call for a ride. It is a simple choice: drive or don’t drive. However, the possible consequences are nowhere near simple. Make a plan. Call a ride. Drive sober.

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