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Spellbinding Young Adult Novels

Even without Halloween, October feels like a magical time here in the Midwest as the air blows a little cooler, the nights grow darker, and the leaves change from Summer green to Autumn orange, yellow, and red. Many readers adopt seasonal reading to enhance both their reading experience and their appreciation for the seasonal changes. This October, you can add a little more magic to your Halloween season with these spellbinding stories.

Hannah is an elemental witch living in Salem. She spends her time working at a metaphysical shop selling books, candles, and crystals to tourists and wiccans. She practices magic, and enjoys hanging out with her non magical best friend. Ritual sacrifices start turning up in town and Hannah is sure it’s the work of a Blood Witch, but in order to solve the mystery, she has to team up with the last person she wants to talk to, her ex, Veronica. Amidst the mystery, a new girl moves to town, catching Hannah’s interest, but how can Hannah balance friendships and dating amidst a supernatural crisis?

Sunny is originally from New York, but is living in Nigeria. Sunny just wants to play football, but because she has albinism so she has to be extra careful to protect her skin. On top of that, kids at school bully her because of her different features. Soon, Sunny befriends two magical kids, Orlu and Chichi, and becomes involved with magic users whose worst defects become their greatest powers. Taking on this power, however, gives Sunny a great responsibility, and she and her new friends must take on a dark power kidnapping and maiming area children.

Katrell possesses a strange ability. She can talk to the dead. So in order to support her unemployed mother, she starts charging people to connect with their departed loved ones, but it doesn’t pay enough. Soon a ghost warns her to stop or everything will burn. Katrell, however, doesn’t believe the ghost and continues her operation because someone has to pay for food. Then when a summoning brings someone back to life and Ketrell realizes this could pay much more than simply contacting the dead, she starts a new business. Little does she know, this kind of magic holds a heavy price that she could end up paying with her life.

Echo Brown lives on the East Side of Cleveland where poverty and drug addiction can be found across many families, but Echo still finds magic everywhere. After all, she and her mother are wizards. Black Girl Unlimited follows Echo from six years old and into high school as she grows up in a harsh environment then moves between worlds when offered a scholarship to a rich white school on the West side of the city. This powerful story full of detailed imagery is part autobiography but infused with magical realism, and is sure to transport you to Echo’s world.

Tea comes from a poor family of witches in a small community. Her family members’ magic mostly falls into helpful, domestic magic so Tea thinks that’s what her magic will be like. When she accidentally raises her brother, Fox, from the dead, she learns she is a rare Bone Witch. She and her brother then must go to train and work on her magic, but she doesn’t want to use her powers of necromancy. When evil forces threaten the land, Tea must make a choice that will decide her magical fate.

We also have plenty more spooky books in graphic novels, novels, nonfiction, young adult, middle-grade fiction, and picture books. Ask your librarians for more reading recommendations! Or Request a Book Bundle, a hand-picked selection of items your librarians think you would like!

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