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TeenTober Graphic Novels for Halloween

It’s TeenTober, a time where libraries promote programs and materials specifically for teens. This week we have some spooky graphic novels perfect to give you all the Halloween spirit! Many of the stories are filled with Halloween magic–whether that means witches and monsters or just a spooky good time.

Pumpkinheads follows two teens, Josiah and Deja, who work at a pumpkin patch every Autumn. This year, though, they are seniors so it will be their last year and last night working together and both are sad to see this time pass, but Deja has a plan to make their last night be a night to remember–this includes all that the pumpkin patch can offer, hayrides, snacks, corn maze, and maybe Deja will even convince Josiah to talk to the girl he’s like for three whole seasons. This quick Fall read will give you all the nostalgic feelings of Autumn in the U.S.

Mooncakes transports readers to a New England town where teen witch, Nova works at her grandmother’s bookshop, lending spell books and investigating the supernatural. This story is full of magic and monsters and a sweet romance between a witch and a werewolf. The full-color artwork creates an atmospheric experience for readers perfect for the Halloween season.

In Aster’s magical family, all the girls become witches and the boys become shapeshifters, but Aster has never been able to shapeshift and is not athletically talented so the other boys tease him. Aster, however, would rather be a witch. When he meets a nonmagical girl who knows exactly who she is and what she wants, Aster begins to believe that he too could do that with magic. To be a recognized witch, though, Aster must confront his own family and break a rigid and archaic tradition. This graphic novel also has accompanying books to its series. They are all boldly illustrated and full of unique characters.

Beetle, a teen goblin learning magic from her grandmother, but would rather skip lessons to hang out with her friend, Blob Ghost at the mall where Blob Ghost is cursed to haunt it. Beetle is bored, and even the mall is losing its charm so when her old friend, Kat Hollowbone arrives back from her magical boarding school, Beetle would like to reconnect. But Kat is pretty, has a large online following, and has learned a lot about magic. Beetle doesn’t know how to talk to her anymore, especially since she cannot yet ride a broom without crashing. But when a dangerous force connected to Kat’s family threatens their spooky town, Beetle must team up with Kat if she wants to save her new friend. Beetle & the Hollowbones also won a Stonewall Honor Award in 2021.

Snap believes the old lady in the creepy house is a witch, but when her dog goes missing, gets hurt and Snap finds him with the witch, she realizes she has fixed him up. Perhaps she is not so bad. When Snap then finds a dead possum with surviving baby possums, she takes them to the lady and in turn for helping the possums, Snap has to help with her online bone selling enterprise. To her surprise, though, there may still be something magical about the old lady, Jacks. Snapdragon is a magical realism graphic novel brought to life by the real and fascinating cast of characters. The cartoon realism in the artwork reflects the duality of mystery and reality in the story.

We also have plenty more spooky books in graphic novels, novels, nonfiction, middlegrade fiction, and picture books. Ask your librarians for more reading recommendations! Or Request a Book Bundle, a hand-picked selection of items your librarians think you would like!

You can also visit our online catalog from our website or our SHARE Mobile Library application for access to books from all 500+ libraries in our area!

Need all your books in one place, use our eBook apps by entering your library card number and your PIN (last four of your phone number) and start reading or listening to your next favorite book!

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