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Women's History for Middle Grade Readers

Looking for Nonfiction Women's History books for Middle Grade Readers (8-14 year-olds)? We have the books for you! Discover the amazing real lives of radical, inspiring, creative, and bold women throughout history.

Anti-lynching activist and journalist, Ida B Wells proved to be a valiant political change-maker and justice leader. This book provides an account of the life of Wells, who lived during an extremely racially-charged time after the Civil War. The biography reads like a story so young readers will enjoy this narrative as they learn about this important figure.

Illustrated in various styles, this book shows the art artists like Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe Harriet Powers and Hopi-Tewa, Nampeyo, Hung Liu, Mary Edmonia Lewis, and many more! It also includes infographics that detail art movements and fun historical facts about the artists and their art! Each page is beautifully and vibrantly illustrated.

This book features 26 diverse American women heroes and spans centuries. Some of these icons include comedian, Carol Burnett, writer, Ursula LeGuin, singer and songwriter, Odetta Holmes, and many more influential and groundbreaking women. This book is also published by City Lights Books, a facet of an independent, beatnik bookstore in San Francisco.

This book contains mini biographies of so many different women like spies, actresses, activists, revolutionaries, rulers, writers, scientists, warriors, artists, and more! It is a great jumping off point for readers to find a person or time period they want to further explore. It can be an important resource for young readers to see the remarkable women and the triumphs and challenges they faced.

Find more stories on our library's online catalog. Download the SHARE Mobile Library application to make your mobile book browsing experience easier.

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