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Welcome to the Caseyville Public Library

Everyone getting ready for Summer? WAIT............. Check This Out..........

Don't forget:   THINGS TO DO---

        Mark the Dates     *Thursdays*


        Summer Reading Program  

June 16th @ 2:oopm

June 23rd @ 2:00pm

June 30th@ 2:00pm

July 7th@ 2:00pm

July 14th@ 2:00pm

July 21st@ 2:00pm

We will kick off with,,,,you know,,,,full of energy,,,,,BOBALOO!!!

Next is,,,,,,,fabulous,,,,,MAD SCIENCE!!!

Then,,,,,,gotta love him,,,,,MARIO!!!

And to start off July,,,,,crafts & food & MORE fun!!!   

And of course,,,,new to us all,,,,,,,Chris McBrien!!! 

Last but not least,,,,experience,,,,THE DULCIMER GUY!!!!

                                                                                        (Santa's little brother)


Our webpage is still a 'work in progress'

                                                      Thank You for your patience


Photos can be found under "Kids and Teens"

"Kids Corner"

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