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2023 Summer Reading Challenge!

No matter our ages, we can challenge ourselves to read more, make new discoveries, and experience our world more fully in the summertime. Joining CPLD's Summer Reading Challenge allows us to set reading and activity goals, gain recognition for our accomplishments, and earns us the chance to enter the grand prize drawings! There is something for everyone!

What is the Reading Challenge?

The Summer Reading Challenge is a fun way to motivate ourselves to read more! Track your time spent reading, write book reviews, participate in library events or recommended activities, spend time outdoors, and learn and explore new ideas and experiences.

Who can Participate?

Anyone of any age can join, including individuals and families. There are prizes for every age group. Your librarians also encourage you to explore neighboring libraries as well. Your library card can be used at ALL local libraries!

How to Join!

  1. Go to our Summer Reading webpage to see the calendar of events, links, activities, reading recommendations, and reading tips.

  2. Click the Visit BeanStack button. This will take you to the Summer Reading login page.

  3. Click Register an individual or family OR if you already have participated before, click, the Sign In button.

  4. Once you get signed in, you can add other readers in your family by going to the top right corner of the page that says your name and clicking "add reader."

You can also get the BeanStack Tracker mobile app from your app store and log in the same way as above. You may need to search for the library so click Caseyville Public Library District. Call your librarians if you are having trouble or check the BeanStack FAQ page.

Track Your Reading

Track your reading in BeanStack and add reviews for the books you read. You can do this on the paper Bingo cards and then add it into BeanStack later or track in BeanStack as you go! Go to the Reading Log tab to track your minutes read!

Earn Badges! & Get Bingos

Earn badges throughout the program and for a chance to win one of the grand prizes! In Beanstack, you can go to the badges page on your Reading Challenge page and click on the badge you want to earn. This will tell you more about what you need to do and will prompt you to answer a question about your experience.

You can also see these badges on your Bingo card page. If you get a Bingo by doing activities all in a row either in a straight line or a diagonal across the page along with completing your 10 hours of reading, then you get entered into the grand prize drawings!

Some of the many ways to earn badges:

- Reading

- Writing Book Reviews

- Storytimes

- Take-&-Make Crafts

- Outdoor Activities

- Volunteering

Activity Calendar, Bingo Cards, Take-&-Make Tutorials, and More are included on the library's website!

Enter the Grand Prizes

Once you've completed the challenge by getting a bingo and reading 10+ hours, you get entered into the grand prize drawings. There are three categories, children, teens/adult, and family. Each grand prize features a whole basket of surprises!

Don't miss out! Check out the CPLD Summer Reading Challenge page to see more about the events, activities, book recommendations by age, and more reading tips and resources!

Questions? Contact your librarians online or call 618-345-5848.

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