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End the Summer in Nature with These Books!

Trying to squeeze the last of your summer into the last days of July? We have some books and activities for you! Check out these great reads for all your hiking, camping, and exploring needs. Make the most out of your immersion in nature by experiencing it fully. Cook over a fire, learn to identify native plants and trees, and get your hands dirty. There is so much to see right here in Southern Illinois and St. Louis!

by Kathleen Yale, illustrated by Oana Befort, Photographed by Kimberly Stoney, and art directed by Jessica Armstrong

Nature pops off the page in this vibrantly illustrated and photographed book. It makes for a great resource when teaching yourself or kids about plant and animal identification as well as how to match an animal to its tracks. It dives into what types of flora and fauna that can be found in forests and other natural environments.

by Steve Henry

Want to get into the woods, but can’t stray too far from home? This book is the perfect companion for planning a day trip or a weekend of hiking. Included are trail maps, area details and history, and nearby activities so we can be prepared and knowledgeable about where we are exploring. Having this background information can help us better appreciate the natural areas we pass through.

55+ Science and Art Activities to Reconnect Children with Nature by Asia Citro, MEd

This book details how to get kids closer to nature through immersive activities that help spark creative thinking and manifest a sense of wonder. Use natural elements to create art and explore the natural world on a micro level. Most activities can be done in your backyard or favorite park or natural area!

Cooking outdoors over a fire can be a rewarding experience even if you are just hanging out in the backyard with friends. From roasting to baking to frying, so much can be done over an open flame. Cooking with Fire discusses an array of campfire cooking techniques, recipes, and equipment to make your own wood-fired cooking experience.

by Justin Miles

Whether we are out backpacking, hiking, or out for a daytrip, we need to be prepared for a variety of scenarios such as injury, weather changes, or dangerous animals. Knowing what to do in extreme environments and situations can help us survive. The book details survival tactics for a range of climates and situations. Reading this book can help us have foresight to prevent disaster and make us aware of what steps we can take to avoid problems when we are enjoying nature.

If you are looking for fun, outdoor activities close to home, check out our other blog entry, "Explore Nature with Caseyville Library." And as always, for more books, click our library catalog. Our library system has access to 500+ libraries so you have access to about 8.2 MILLION items!

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