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Explore Nature with Caseyville Library

This week's Summer Reading theme is Nature & Outdoors! Explore our world with our library partners and discover both the big and small wonders of the natural world. Immersing ourselves in nature can be wonderful for our physical and mental health because it gets us active and keeps us grounded in the present. When we are outdoors, our senses are heightened and we can more fully experience the world. So enjoy the outdoors with our friends at these amazing places.

Join HeartLands Conservancy on their Firefly Walk on Saturday, July 17th at 8 pm.

HeartLands Conservancy also hosts year round virtual and in-person events ranging from educational talks to outdoor excursions to volunteer cleanups.

They aim to restore our ecosystems and connect our communities with sustainable practices that promote well being for both people and nature.

Hit the trails at Willoughby Heritage Farm or meet the animals. Willoughby cares for a variety of creatures, chickens, guineas, goats, pigs, cows, and many others. Be sure to bring quarters so you can purchase animal feed. If you have little ones, they can explore the playgrounds as well. Friendly leashed dogs are also welcome at the farm. Willoughby also offers a variety of programs including horse care, archery, maker days, and urban ecology.

We have a UNESCO World Heritage Site right next door to us. Visit Cahokia Mounds and discover the ancient civilization of Cahokia. Walk the trails around the burial mounds, take the journey up to Monk’s Mound and take in the view. Don’t forget to check out the Interpretive Center to learn about the expansive cultural center that was one of the largest cities during its height.

The Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka hosts a variety of activities for all ages including private tours, animal training experience, photography tours, and many other immersive activities including camps, scout programs, evening programs and even yoga. You can find all this and more on their Tour page.


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