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Garden Your Way: Explore Four New Gardening Books With Us

As Caseyville Library starts to plan for our community garden, we thought this may be a wonderful time to introduce a few new gardening books to you! We think gardening should be relaxing, affordable, and sustainable. It should be something we look forward to instead of dread. That’s why we selected these new gardening books. Whether you have years of experience gardening or have never grown anything, something new can always be discovered. Grow and learn with us!

Grow Food for Free by Huw Richards

Growing your own food shouldn’t be expensive. Huw Richards’s book Grow Food for Free explains how to save, repurpose, compost, swap, and barter to grow your own food for free. This book takes gardeners through every step of the process, including seed collection, garden creation, zero-cost garden bed construction, plant propagation, rainwater collection, and even the creation of a tool share. The vivid pictures can help gardeners envision how they can start their own food garden and put together the free projects outlined in the book. Check out this book and become more self-sustainable and provide for yourself and your friends!

Weedless Gardening: The Hassle-Free All-Organic System by Lee Reich

For many people, weeding can be such a chore that it prevents them from starting a garden, but with weed prevention planning, gardeners can create beds that manage their own weeds. Lee Reich explores a variety of techniques to limit weeds sprouting, including cultivation processes, mulches, groundcover plants, and soil balance. The book also includes a vegetable planting guide to help you plan your garden and your seed propagation. Learn how to create more resilient gardens and stop unwanted weeds before they take root.