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July 2024 Caseyville Library Building Construction News & Updates

Caseyville Library’s transformation is nearly complete! Library staff are so excited to share the new library with everyone. It’ll be just a little longer before the library can be fully open. Learn about what has been happening at Caseyville Library inside and out and what to expect during the library’s initial curbside opening period.

Construction & Supply Delays

Construction delays and supply chain issues have pushed back Caseyville Library’s opening date. Majority of the siding has been installed on the building, except for the corner pieces which we are told will be arriving in July. A book drop will be installed in the coming weeks, and finishing touches on the front door vestibule are scheduled to be completed. Official fire alarms will be replacing the temporary ones placed during the construction process, and we await the additional turf and landscaping that need to be installed. The additional children's library shelving has been further delayed because of a manufacturing error with the machines that make the shelves. The library will open to the public once construction wraps up and supplies are attained.

Library Organization & Design

Inside the library, library staff have been preparing the new space by refining and adding to the library’s collection, designing the interior, furnishing the building, organizing library supplies, undergoing trainings, assembling furniture, and answering questions about patron library accounts.

The library will house new and exciting features that will further the library’s mission and elevate Caseyville Library’s service to the community. Caseyville Library staff are excited to share the results of their hard work with the community.

New Library Features:

  • larger children’s section

  • new lounge furniture for reading and studying alone or together

  • meeting room for library events

  • study room for quiet work, tutoring, job interviews, or group meetings

  • larger circulation desk with multiple checkout stations

  • patron catalog computer to search for books

  • cafe tables for reading or chatting

  • multiple computer stations

  • Friends of the Library coffee bar

  • multiple work areas for staff including

    • book processing room

    • larger circulation desk 

    • additional storage

    • director’s office

    • breakroom

Opening for Curbside

Because of the ongoing construction, Caseyville Library will start curbside pick-up before going back to opening to the public. Caseyville Library starts curbside pick-ups Monday, July 15th.

  • What can you do curbside?

    • Pick-up your books/items

    • Print/Copy

    • Fax/email

    • Use wifi from car

    • Get a library card/renew your card

  • When can I pick-up curbside?

    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11am-6pm

    • Friday 10am-2pm

    • Call when you arrive: 618-345-5848, email print outs to

When will Caseyville Library be Fully Open?

Delays have pushed back the library's grand opening ceremony. Opening the library to the public depends on when the final construction is complete and the additional library shelving for the Children's area arrives. Your library staff would like for the library to be open sometime in August, and will make announcements online and by mail when the project completes.

Check our social media and website for updates on this progress. We appreciate the Caseyville Library community's patience and support during this growing period. We cannot wait to show you the finished library! We think you will love it as much as we do already.

See more about the new library on our Library Building Project Page.

Eleka Smith is CPLD's Librarian. Eleka has worked at multiple public libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System, and in 2023, they completed the Master’s of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree from University of Missouri. Eleka has a B.A. in English, Spanish, and Sustainable Development. Before the promotion to librarian, they served as a Media Assistant, and have been with Caseyville Library since 2020.


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