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Check It Out! The Library of Things

You know your library has books for everyone, but did you know your library offers what we like to call a Library of Things? Many libraries are expanding their nonbook items that can be checked out. See what your local library has to offer!

Fishing Equipment

Take home fishing poles and tackleboxes for a weekend at your favorite stream or lake. Perhaps you will also want to check out a book on recreational areas, hiking, and camping.


See the night sky from a new perspective. This kit comes with a telescope cover and constellation guide.


Going birdwatching? You can check out binoculars from Caseyville Library. We also have many animal identification guides to accompany you on your adventure.

Ghost Hunting Kit

Ever wanted to check out a haunted area? Take home a ghost-hunting kit, and start searching! You can also checkout books about local hauntings to get an idea of where to start.

Sensory Backpack

In-house library kit is available to use while you are at the library and another is available to take home. The items in the backpack can be used to decrease overstimulating sensory experiences like sounds and lights and increase desired sensory needs with fidget tools.

Time In Toolkit

Help kids through naming and regulating their emotions as they learn healthy ways to express themselves and what they are feeling.

Fitbit Kit

Track your heartrate, exercise, steps, sleep, and more to learn about your body's habits and your health.

Peacemaker Kit

This toolkit aims to inspire mindfulness and communication through exercises that build emotional intelligence.


If you are a teacher, you may want to check out this colorful parachute for your class to experience. This kit includes a game guide for you your class to explore and play!

Magnet Kit

This is a great kit for elementary school age kids and younger if you want to explore how magnets work. It includes easy to hold horseshoe magnets, and magnetic field particle magnet viewers that kids can interact with to understand the science of magnets.

Page Magnifier

If you can't find the book you want in large print, we can help! You can check the book out in regular print and take home a page magnifier to help you read!

Magnifying Glasses

Check out a set of six colorful magnifying glasses to use for investigative STEAM programs.

You can also check out books in our juvenile fiction section that show different items and insects close up.

Check out all our kits, tools, and more on our Caseyville Public Library Catalog.


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