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Social Work Month at Caseyville Library

Each year in March is Social Work Month. It is a time designated to celebrate and appreciate social workers' work all year. Every year, social work month also has a theme. This year's theme is "The Time is Right For Social Work." We encourage everyone to learn about the significant additions social work and workers have contributed to our world.

In the spirit of Social Work Month and because your input and suggestions are the most important, we have created a survey for our patrons to fill out. You can share what services you would like to see us provide and ways we can improve. We would love to hear your feedback!

We offer various services and constantly seek feedback on the best ways to help you. Below are just short descriptions of the services we offer, so you can better understand what library social workers do.

Job Applications and Resume Assistance:

If you need a job and filling out an application, we can help you fill it out. We can also help you make a linked-in profile, look over your resume and even help you build one.

Social Service Application Assistance:

Suppose you are applying for government assistance programs such as SNAP, Unemployment, or ILHEAP. In that case, we can help you fill out the applications and make sure you send in the proper documentation.

Community Resources/Referrals:

Suppose you or someone you know is experiencing hardship right now. In that case, we can connect you to services and resources in your community. Whether it be homeless shelters, food banks, mental health services, warming/cooling centers, etc. We are here to make sure you have the information you need and to help you connect with what you need.

HomeBound Delivery:

If you are sick, having surgery, or unable to leave your home, we can still make sure you get your favorite books, movies, and other resources you may need. Once a month, we deliver to your home and pick up finished materials.

The library also offers toiletries and menstrual products those in need. Feel free to take them or come talk to our social workers!

We are still continuing to provide you with these services but want to see if there is more we can do to help the people of Caseyville. Please feel free to fill out this anonymous survey so we can better serve you. Tell us how you would like to see our Library Student Social Workers help our community! Click the button below!

Stop by the library to say hello and meet our student social workers! You can schedule an appointment by calling 618-345-5848 or emailing


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